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Music Sessions 

Every Sunday evening from 6pm we host some amazing musicians and bands. The Sunday sessions have attracted musicians who have been there, done it and continue to do it at every level. 

Both Local & International acts have graced the stage for us, people such as Rodney Brannigan, Ronnie Rogers, Mike Wilton, Colin Browne, The Blueswater, Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra, Arthur Ebeling, Kent DuChaine and Martin Dale who have performed with the greats and on huge festival stages. 

Our 'local' musicians also perform great sets at the New Inn, and include acts such as Lost the Plot, David Busby, the Herbaceous Borders, Dawson, The HMV Band, Paul Parker & all the Right Friends, The Hype, The Endings, Niki Rous, Alexandra Jayne and so much more...... Come and join us, 6pm every Sunday evening, FREE admission! 

Support Live Music!

Sunday 2nd February 2020 | 6pm 
Live Music with 'The Melvin Hancox Band'

Simply Superb! ... Do not miss this band!!!

"The word genius is often over used but what else could the man whose show stopping performance at Abertillery Blues Festival on his '57 custom three pick-uped black beauty Les Paul be coined" "Flights and notations of mystery and imagination crashed to Earth like space shrapnel" and a more to the point quote "Why isn't this man a star?" Just a few of the many positive media quotations Melvin Hancox has experienced of late.

Born to songwriter (for Joe Meek) and playwright (BBC's Play For Today) Stephen. Of late Melvin has had material played on the BBC, Rick Wakeman's Planet Rock Show, live interviews and sessions on mainstream national radio along with writing and television work.

He has currently formed a band in his own image after many years of bringing his talent to other outfits. Playing his first gig at 12 yrs., signing his first record deal at 16 yrs., touring Europe and gaining experience in both radio and television, forming "Vincent Flatts Final Drive" and scoring his second deal at 18 yrs. whilst also touring Costa Rica and The States and guesting on others sessions along the way, through various permutations he has worked with bands and members from Budgie, Man, Savoy Brown, Canned Heat, Tony McPhee & Paul Hancox ([no relation] ex-legendary Chicken Shack drummer with whom Melvin occasionally performs as "Imagination Lady"), Magnum, Mick Bonham and Ace Kefford [yes related], whilst going on to write, produce and release six highly original albums fronting his own band as well as a solo offering.

Now with the addition of Tom Harper, one of Ireland's much lauded premier musicians (in fact the demand for his services became so great his manager brought him to England 25 years ago for a one-off tour and he's never returned since) who tastefully accompanies with Bass guitar, Keyboards and Vocal. Although versed in many styles Melvin's unique take on traditional forms is a new challenge to Tom and together with a totally seasoned professional, Ray Richman on Drums and Percussion whose C.V. reads like a history of rock & roll performing, writing and recording with the legendary Handsome Beasts and also working with Steve Young (AC/DC) amongst many other rock luminaries he is accompanied by a sympathetic and adaptable rhythm section with several years' pedigree. Melvin has just completed his fourth season as presenter and writer of the Radio B.O.S.S. Show that's "The Big Oversoul Sounds" for American college radio and was recently described as a talented and witty individual reminiscent of Kenny Everett.

We could go on for pages but we're sure you more than get the picture. Needless to say if you like your blues/rock played with more experience and imagination than most the "Melvin Hancox Band" is a show that really should not be missed!!!


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