Music Sessions 

Every Sunday evening from 6pm we host some amazing musicians and bands. The Sunday sessions have attracted musicians who have been there, done it and continue to do it at every level. 

Both Local & International acts have graced the stage for us, people such as Rodney Brannigan, Ronnie Rogers, Mike Wilton, Colin Browne, The Blueswater, Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra, Arthur Ebeling, Kent DuChaine,Melvin Hancox and Martin Dale who have performed with the greats and on huge festival stages. 

Our 'local' musicians also perform great sets at the New Inn, and include acts such as Lost the Plot, David Busby, the Herbaceous Borders, Dawson, The Wayne Martin Band, Werewolves of Powys, Paul Parker & all the Right Friends, The Hype, The Endings, Niki Rous, Alexandra Jayne and so much more...... Come and join us, 6pm every Sunday evening, FREE admission! 

Support Live Music!